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I must say, this is a very, very fun and unique game that really gets you craving to just complete this bit or that bit otherwise I won't be able to sleep tonight. I love it and it is most certainly a different pace from other trials games like Ubisoft's Trials. If you tried to play this like one of those games, you'd get no where.

I appreciate the amount of work put in to make this, and congratulate you on such a game. I am excited to see where this goes and try out new techniques to pull off on new tracks.

I submitted the survey, and overall, I'd give this a 8/10 (excluding the graphics as they're not final). The gameplay is mostly intuitive and adds to the feeling of controlling and actual trials bike. 

I played with a controller and highly recommend anyone else playing to play with one too.  Controllers seem to be made to play for these kinds of games. This is going in my top trials games and really want to see it in 3D in the future!

Best of luck.

(Also, just a note, at times I was getting frame drops to the sub 10s for a few milliseconds then it going back to ~60 fps. This disrupted the flow a little, but not massively as the times when the frames dropped, it wasn't a very important part. Just wanted to point that out.)


Thank you so much for the love. I certainly wasn't expecting people to play it so much time after the release (damn almost 2 years). Let's hope one day i can gather the means to take this to the next level. Biketrials really deserves it. Cheers ;)

Can I also suggest you making a track/level editor so once people like me beat all the tracks, we can download user-made ones and make ones ourselves. Of course, I understand that this will indeed take time, and I don't know if you're working on this or have this planned, but it's a feature that I feel will excel this game more.

Hope you do continue working this, I agree that Biketrials deserves it. Good luck.


That's one of the things that i would do after this release. I wasn't able to work on it at the time and it doesn't seem better right now. Let's see if one day i can make that work.

i need to see the keybord keys

Hi. You can go to Option-Controls-Keyboard and check/modify the keys

I adore this game so much.

Put a survey in for ya, hope it helps.

Took my time and put a lot of thought into it.

Great work man!



Please give us an update on the game! I would love to have more of it and play in colours!


When we can play the biketrial experience in colour?

Is the best game in the world

It's good,but still disappointed since it doesn't support ALL controllers,like a Generic Dual Shock controller.

great game!

Love the game! I had to force myself to stop.

At the beginning the tutorial is incredibly hand holdy for such a difficult game. For the more complex tricks I can see why it's there, but I don't think text is a good way to teach the tricks. The videos in the background work well though.

Imho you should get rid of the talking and move all of the tutorial into the background, or at least make the tutorial skipable. With the current difficulty of the levels it is clear that the game does not target the casual gamer but someone who has played games before and likes a bit of a challenge. I think it's safe to assume a certain degree of competence.

I agree with you, the tutorial is a bit boring. I was just trying to figure out what would work best and, as you said, a lot less talking and more video is a better idea. 
You're right, this is not your casual Trials game, here you really need to learn a few things to get the most out of the game but i think it's worth it in the end specially if you are into bike/sports games.

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I really like  this game, its really fun to play but I have one problem. I'm trying to play with an xbox 360 controller and everything seems to work well except when I press the A button it respawns like the Y button instead of hopping and the B button does a mixture of hopping and pedalkicking which doesn't work very well... great game though :)

Thanks for the feedback. hmmmm that's strange. I've develop the game with the xbox 360 controler in mind (i own one myself). That happens both on the browser and .exe? What's your OS?

Yeah, I just tried both and had the same problem and I'm on Windows 10. I'm not sure if it would make any difference but my controller isnt an official xbox controller, I've never had any problems with it before though :/ I cant connect my official ones to check though

Very fun game, good job

I'm glad you liked it. Don't forget to tell your friends :)

I will. I think you took the best of the trial games and you make it more... like...deep (?), I mean in some trial games they don't let you do that amount of tricks (the pedalkick, the hops and the gaps), but you see lot of people in real life do it. 

Im waiting for another update in your game and I must say again: Good job, keep developing the game I think this game will have future

You really understood the essence of the game. Unfortunatly this puts the game in a niche market but I'm ok with that as long as there are people like you enjoying it.
I'm still open for criticism though so if you have anything you would like to add/tweak gameplay wise I'm open for that. 

please add WinXP compatibility :3

Sorry but i won't be able to do it. I tried but i'm getting really low performance (between 20 and 30fps).